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Sort™ Publisher

Create content, e-learning and tutorials in any language in high quality video. Instantly. No messing, no QA.  Problems before? Sorted!

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So,  what is Sort™ Publisher?

The Sort™ Publisher has been specifically built to create “How-to’s”/ “Explainers”  for international markets.

The e-learning content generated is linked through Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) with the QA process, ensuring that the demos created are consistently in sync with the product release.

Brandt’s Sort™ Publisher is a cloud based solution that can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with Sort™ QA.

Centralised storage of all assets

Consistent source content across multiple languages.

Defined Users and Roles

Ability to simultaneously edit the same source content.

Auto Edit Feature

Remove layout, animation and audio trigger edits.

Consistency check

Achieve consistent production of content and reduce QA.

SORT Voice Integration

Reduce audio sourcing, recording and integration time.

SORT QA Integration

Ensures consistent source content across languages.

Integration with TM/MT Systems API’s

Seamless integration with translation providers.

Publish in 96 Languages. Instantly

Produce content once and instantly release in any language.

Publish to MP4 and HTML5

Produce and release your content in formats you and your customers expect.

Perfect for Marketing & Support Teams

Produce marketing or support content for your customers in their desired language. Increase your production by up to 80%.