Reduce QA Time.

Deliver better products, faster.

Sort™ QA

Enabling engineers to shorten QA Cycles. Sort™ QA has been built from the inside out to provide QA tools that deliver better results.

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So, What makes Sort™ QA special?

Sort™ provides image comparison from one software release to the next within a continuous software development cycle, enabling engineers shorten QA Cycles

Linguists access Sort™ QA to ensure translation of content is correct the first time. Linguits also use Sort™ for LQA prior to product release.

Brandt’s Sort™ QA, is a cloud based solution that can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with Sort™ Voice 

Wide range of API’s

Seemless integration with existing automation frameworks

Image comparison

Reduce your time with better visual inspection/bugs

Image segmentation

Re-purpose captured screens for documentation/e-learning


Provide searchable content for language content. Ensuring you get the content you need when you need it.

Version Control

Ensures generated supporting content aligns with software releases.

Scalable architecture

Built so that QA can scale up to meet increased work loads

Perfect for QA and Marketing Teams

Integrated task lists and time tracking allow you to spread work evenly across your test team.Sort™ QA is a quality assurance tool that lets you do exactly what you need. It was built from the ground up with performance as the driving factor. 

  • Sort™ Publisher

    Produce interactive content
  • Sort™ Shadow

    Cross platform Testing
  • Sort™ Workflow

    | AI driven translation scheduling
  • Sort™ Voice

    manage voice talent and projects