Cross Platform Testing.

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Sort™ Shadow

The Shadow™ application can manage a situation where the user interface of the product under test changes in layout, either due to localization of different versions, or due to the original language version running on different platforms.

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So, What makes Sort™ Shadow™ essential?

Testing adds to the cost of production. When balanced against the idea that the most expensive defect to fix is the one found by the customer, it is highly desirable to capture defects as early as possible in the software development lifecycle.

Shadow™ is a software-testing tool for performing automated and manual tests on original or localized software products.

Brandt’s Sort™ Shadow™ , is a cloud based solution that can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with SORT™ Workflow 

Wide range of API’s

Seamless integration with existing automation frameworks. Increasing compatibility with 3rd party application components 

Auto-Object Recognition

Reduce your time with better visual inspection/bugs. Recording screenshot data by default. In other automated testing applications this has to be implemented programmatically. 


The first mode is true time capture/playback. Keyboard and mouse input are recorded with the exact timing employed by the user, and replayed in exactly the same way. This ensures tests are executed as if a human user were performing them.

Object-level playback

X and Y coordinates on the screen are no longer significant as the application’s widgets are activated directly by the testing software. The widget can be located anywhere on the screen.

Simple capture – record and playback.

Using a “simple” capture utility an engineer can create a test script containing an exact sequence of keystrokes, mouse movements and or mouse commands. However, with the slightest change to the GUI of the software under test the recorded script becomes invalid requiring the engineer to possibly re–record the script.

Image–based component discovery

In this mode of automated testing, images are taken of regions around the mouse at the time of some mouse interaction. This image is then stored. At a later time the image is used to identify where the mouse action should be taken either during playback of a script or where the action should be taken on some other system.

Perfect for Development and QA Teams

Shadow™ allows the user to record and playback scripts that run and control multiple machines at the same time. It also allows the user to directly interact multiple machines simultaneously, making the manual test effort more efficient. Shadow™ allows the user to simultaneously test localized software applications running on: – Different language operating systems. – Original language products running in different configurations