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Sort™ Voice

Manage voiceover projects, manage translators, manage voice over artists, scripts, corrections and payment schedules. Got problems? Sorted!

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So, What makes Sort™ Voice revolutionary?

Sort™ Voice was built from the inside out to fulfil the demands of the marketplace. A fully featured voice management tool that delivers on every aspect of your projects.

Voice Artists access SORT Voice to ensure the scripts and audio requirements of content is correct the first time.

Brandt’s Sort Voice is a cloud based Voice Talent Management solution that can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with SORT Workflow.

Script Upload/Download

Centrally manage all of your audio scripts.

Voice talent to Actor mappings

Maps required actor within script to voice source.

Talent Management

Automatically assign approved voice talents to projects.

Recorded Audio Delivery Interface

Automatically check delivered audio against script elements.

Phonetic Samples

Provision of reference material, pronunciation guidelines and terminology.

Integration with TM/MT Systems API’s

Seamless integration with Translation providers.

Integration with STT engines

Automatically convert scripts to audio files.

Full Feature QA

Automatic QA of delivered audio file naming, audio formats and quality. Cross checks against recorded audio and script elements.

Integration with custom API’s

Seamless and customizable integration with other providers.

Perfect for Marketing Teams and Production Teams

Sort Voice is a fully featured cloud based voice management tool. Allowing users Import export scripts to leading elearning tools, mapping actors to scripts and assigning specific teams to manage the project.
Sort Voice can do so much and can be customised to your specific project out of the box.