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Sort™ Workflow

Enabling enterprise users to take better control of their routine processes and project oversights on Sort™ Suite.

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Sort™ Workflow, Better project delivery.

Sort™ Workflow is cloud based. It’s no longer just about access to your data from anywhere. It’s about who’s in charge of maintenance and changes. It’s about compliance and privacy of data. You can focus on building a partnership with a vendor rather than just making a one-time purchase. 

Sort™ Workflow is the right WMS tool for Sort™ Suite with the right features you need.

Brandt’s Sort™ QA is a cloud based solution that can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with SORT™ Voice.

User Management

Many workflows contain sensitive information that is not intended to be shared with everyone in the process. Sort™ Workflow allows you to customize what each user can see and edit.

Proper Parallel Branches

All workflows include sequential steps and some include parallel steps in which events happen at the same time as each other. You can add a branch and create conditional tasks easily in the workflow.


APIs are a necessity of modern enterprise IT. It is less a matter of if APIs are needed, but rather how many are necessary and how they will be created and published.

Simple Processes Refined

Allows individuals to automate repetitive processes.

Important Notifications

Follows up automatically on uncompleted tasks in the process. Gives an overall picture of the workflow along with performance metrics.

Messaging Centre

Message team members and other users to ensure items of the workflow are completed. Get an overall view and update on projects and jobs completed. Speak to every assigned user to ensure every person is on the same page.