We have been striving hard to help you achieve your products goals. Here are some of services we are great at


Our Services

Multimedia Development & Localization

Brandt has developed e-learning content for international markets: including How-To’s, Explainers, Marketing material, Channel Sales, Compliance training, Educational material for the K-12 sector. Brandt’s development and testing teams support the development and localization of E-Learning content through automation of existing authoring tools, and the development of our own cloud based platform SORT Publisher.


With an international presence Brandt provide localization and translations services in over 40 languages.

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Software Development

Our software development team has extensive experience developing software solutions for our customers, and building our own licensed technology named Sort Suite

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Frameworks & Technologies

    •  C,C++, C#,
    • Angular, HTML 5, CSS, JQuery, Ajax
    • Java Enterprise
  • Ionic & Native

Software Testing

Brandt has developed Shadow™ and patented testing application. The testing team works closely with both the software and multimedia teams to optimize the development of e-learning content. Through automation scripting and developing custom test frameworks.

Helping our customers perform

Brandt’s clients use a combination of Brandt’s platform and services to enable their customer support strategies globally, delivering the relevant content efficiently and cost effectively.

Dedicated to improvement

Brandt’s platform improves efficiencies in software development, software testing and E-Learning content creation across an organisation, supporting marketing and brand management, training departments and customer support.