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Expand your offerings globally and reach new audiences.

Quality e-learning content in multiple languages.

E-learning has become the standard in knowledge transfer across large organizations, offering a measurable, efficient and cost effective model. 

Brandt work hard to enable our customers to develop content and courses that work, globally, so you can be assured that your training works for you, no matter where your team are.

Multimedia Authoring & E-Learning

Every project is unique, every clients needs are different. We use our knowledge of the major software technologies to help our clients choose the best platform for their applications.

We guide them through the tradeoffs between platforms and features, and our detailed approach to specification means everyone understands exactly what will be delivered and when.

Bespoke database driven tracking systems for SCORM or non-SCORM E-learning content.
Take comfort in 6 months included support with a dedicated support forum

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